Pawsome! Pooper Scooping

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At Pawsome! Pooper Scooping we offer our outstanding dog waste cleanup service at a fantastic price. Properties (and of course poochies) big or small we handle it all!​

No contracts and no prepayments required on our weekly service.

Buying as a gift? We offer gift cards as well! Contact us for more information.​

Weekly Pet Waste Removal 

GST Included

1 Dog

Lone Wolf


2 Dogs

Alpha & Beta


3 Dogs

Alpha, Beta, & 



4 dogs

Wolf Pack


5+ Dogs

You must really love dogs!

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Large clean up? Poop happens! 

One-Time Service

Lone Wolf

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An initial clean up fee may be necessary for weekly service

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An initial clean up fee may be required

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Fear not! We can easily remove large accumulations of droppings from your property. Let us scoop the pooh!