What is Pawsome! Pooper Scooping?

Pawsome! Pooper Scooping is an established pet waste removal company that provides worry free and professional service at affordable rates.

How and when do I pay?

You are billed on your last service of each month and you can pay via Email Trasfer, Credit Card, or Cash. Although there are no contracts, you can prepay if that is an easier option for you.

Can my dog(s) be outside when you are here?

Absolutely! We love Dogs! We encourage you to have your furry friends outside while we are there to service your yard! We do ask that you have them inside if they are not keen on strangers entering their space. 

Do I need to be home when you are here?

Nope, all we ask is that your yard be accessible for us on your scheduled day of service.

Do you do Spring/One-time clean ups?

Yes we do! If you are only looking for a one time service, we will come out to give you a free, no-obligation quote on how much the charge will be.

Will there be an initial fee for weekly or biweekly service?

If your property has not been cleaned in awhile, an initial clean up fee may be required. A free no-obligation quote will be provided.

What do you do with the poop?

Protecting the environment is important to us! All of the waste removed from your property is taken to the city of Calgary's composting facility and turned into nutrient-rich organic material. Just like your green compost bin!